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5 Warning Signs You Need a Root Canal

signs you need a root canal

One of the best reasons to schedule (and keep) regular dental appointments is to stay posted on your oral health. Some problems don’t have noticeable symptoms when they’re in their early stages, and often good oral hygiene can keep problems from progressing to the point where your dentist must intervene.

Dentistry has undergone huge changes in the last decade. Root canals used to be pretty painful, but thankfully, that has changed. Nobody wants to hear they have a problem with their teeth, but you no longer need to fear having this type of procedure. At Comfort Smiles, we’ll keep you comfortable no matter what you’re having done. See us right away if you experience any of these signs you need a root canal.

Pain – One of the Most Obvious Signs You Need a Root Canal

New Orleans patients see Dr. DuBois for a root canal when something goes wrong inside of a tooth. Beneath your tooth enamel, each tooth has soft tissue called the pulp. Inside the pulp, there are nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Sometimes something happens to damage the pulp or connective tissue. It gets inflamed and may even develop an infection.

Inflammation and infection cause pain. If you have tooth or gum pain, that’s always a red flag you should see your dentist right away, and it’s also one of the signs you might need a root canal.

Temperature Sensitivity

If you take a sip of your coffee or a swig of your soda, your teeth might ache, or you might experience shooting pain in your tooth. Temperature sensitivity occurs when something happens to wear away enamel or alter the level of protection around your nerves. You could just be brushing too hard. You might be using the wrong brand of toothpaste. Or, your temperature sensitivity could be one of the signs you need a root canal.

Visible Tooth Damage

Much of the time, people need a root canal because their mouth was injured. They may have played contact sports and taken an elbow or football to the jaw, or have fallen and struck their face. You may see a chipped or cracked tooth.

Tooth Discoloration

As infection or deterioration inside your tooth progresses, your tooth may start to look a different color than the rest. All teeth stain with exposure to certain foods and drinks, but if one discolors at a different rate than the ones surrounding it, it could be one of the signs you need a root canal.

Neglected Cavities

Some patients visit the dentist and hear they need a filling, but they put it off. Before they know it, the cavity has gotten much bigger, and deep decay sets in.

Cavities don’t go away because you brush or floss. They just get worse. It’s best to fill them right away so your tooth can’t become infected.

How a Root Canal Helps

During a root canal, Dr. DuBois cleans all the infection and dead tissue away so you no longer experience pain and temperature sensitivity and you get back your healthy smile. It saves your tooth so you can chew efficiently, avoid tooth discoloration, and get back to normal levels of tooth sensitivity.

In the past, people dreaded having root canals. When they talked about unpleasant tasks they’d rather avoid, sometimes they said, “I’d rather have a root canal,” to indicate a high level of unpleasantness. However, things have changed.

Patients can choose to have anesthesia, or we can offer you Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) and numb your gums similar to when having a cavity filled. You may have a little gum soreness after, but we can keep you completely pain-free during the procedure itself.

Schedule a Dentist Appointment

It’s always best to be proactive about dental health. If you experience one or more of the signs you need a root canal, don’t delay because infection inside a tooth can enter your bloodstream and make you sick. Stay comfortable and restore your dental health when you make an appointment with Dr. DuBois today.

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