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When you come into Comfort Smiles Dentistry in New Orleans, you don’t have to worry about root canal pain or root canal retreatment because these periodontists are experts who perform pain-free root canals. Your root canal recovery is swift and without pain after root canals. How much does a root canal cost? Your root canal cost is usually picked up by your insurance carrier. There are no reasons to put off your treatment.

Tooth pain can point to many different causes, from teeth that are too crowded to an infection in the root of your tooth. When your pain comes from inside your tooth, it often feels like a constant throbbing ache. This usually indicates a problem with the pulp or nerve of your tooth, and a root canal procedure may be recommended.

With a root canal, your New Orleans dentist can treat and save a tooth that’s infected. Getting a root canal done in time prevents the infection from spreading to other tissue in your mouth or even to other parts of your body. When you have your root canal performed at Comfort Smiles Dentistry, it’s successful 90 percent of the time.

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Show Off Your Smile

When you visit Comfort Smiles, your smile is our top priority. Dr. DuBois and his dental team are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. Our dentist provides general, restorative and cosmetic dental services designed to assist each patient in achieving and maintaining long-term dental health and a beautiful smile.

Reasons for a Root Canal

If you need a root canal, your tooth pulp has succumbed to disease, infection or injury. The inner pulp of a tooth can become infected from a variety of reasons including trauma, deep decay, cracks, chips or repeated dental procedures. Seek an experienced endodontist or even a cosmetic dentist in New Orleans if you have:

  • A visible injury to a tooth
  • Gums around the tooth that are swollen
  • Sensitivity to a temperature in one or more teeth
  • Pain in your tooth or gums

The specialists at Comfort Smiles Dentistry examine your mouth, gums, and teeth to give you a proper diagnosis. If necessary, a root canal is an effective, non-surgical remedy. At the dental office, you’re treated with care, so you’ll feel no root canal pain. They make sure your root canal is thoroughly cleaned and sealed properly. You often need a crown to protect the tooth.

No Root Canal Pain During or After

A root canal procedure is one of the most common dental procedures. A simple, non-surgical endodontic treatment, a root canal allows your New Orleans dentist to save most of your natural tooth structure. This process alone prevents the need for implants or bridges.

Before you get root canals, your infected teeth are extremely painful, but your pain after root canal procedures is negligible. The specialists at Comfort Smiles Dentistry use state-of-the-art equipment and the most innovative techniques to ensure you won’t need a root canal retreatment. A successful root canal delivers results that restore your tooth to optimal health and function.

The Root Canal Procedure

A root canal procedure involves removing the inside of your tooth. Your tooth pulp, at the center of your tooth, is comprised of blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. It’s very sensitive, which is why it’s surrounded by enamel, the hardest substance in your body. When the pulp’s damaged, it needs to be removed to save the tooth.

While your particulars determine exactly how your New Orleans dentist proceeds, a root canal procedure most often follows several steps over two visits that take no more than an hour each:

  1. After X-rays, if necessary, your dental spa specialist administers local anesthesia so you don’t feel anything.
  2. Then the dentist uses a dental drill to remove the decayed parts of the tooth and open a hole into the pulp, where the whole pulp is removed.
  3. Your tooth is then disinfected to thoroughly kill all the bacteria inside the tooth.
  4. Once your New Orleans dentist is certain all the bacteria has been destroyed and the cavity in your tooth is completely clean, the tooth is sealed to protect it.
  5. You get a temporary crown to wear up to two weeks while your permanent crown is being made.
  6. On your next visit, the temporary crown is removed, and the new permanent crown is fitted through a series of adjustments and bite samples.
  7. When the crown fits perfectly, your dentist cements it in place.
  8. Regarding your root canal recovery, you can expect some sensitivity, but you shouldn’t feel any pain after one or two days following the procedure.

Root Canal Cost

How much does a root canal cost? If you’re paying for it yourself — and not relying on your dental insurance — then it can be an expensive proposition. But then if you don’t have the procedure done, you’re looking at an extraction and an implant, which may be even more expensive.

When you come into the New Orleans office of Comfort Smiles Dentistry, you’re choosing a cosmetic dentistry practice that protects the health of your teeth. They’re the most comprehensive dental services in New Orleans. Don’t be constrained by the root canal cost; be more concerned with the quality of care you get. That way, you avoid root canal retreatment.

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