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Dental Emergency

Whether you have a busy, active family or are an active adult in New Orleans, you never know when you’re going to need urgent dental care. When you have a dental emergency in New Orleans, seek out a knowledgeable, friendly dentist who takes same-day appointments. A cosmetic dentist, like those at Comfort Smiles Dentistry, can care for your dental health while keeping an eye on your appearance.

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Root Canal

When you come into Comfort Smiles Dentistry in New Orleans, you don’t have to worry about root canal pain or root canal retreatment because these periodontists are experts who perform pain-free root canals. Your root canal recovery is swift and without pain after root canals. How much does a root canal cost? Your root canal cost is usually picked up by your insurance carrier. There are no reasons to put off your treatment.

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Cracked Teeth (Broken Tooth With high Sensitivity)

A cracked tooth can develop over time or be the result of an accident. In New Orleans, you can find same-day emergency dental care to minimize your pain and fix the crack — or at least stop it from getting worse. Comfort Smiles Dentistry covers both your oral health and your appearance with an experienced cosmetic dentist and a team of specialists to take care of your cracked tooth.

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Tooth Pain (Tooth Sensitivity After Filling)

Wisdom tooth pain, tooth pain after fillings and tooth sensitivity after fillings are some of the more common dental complaints. It’s difficult enough to experience tooth pain of any kind. You need a caring team of dental experts in New Orleans to provide you with immediate relief that can come at a same-day appointment.

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TMJ Treatment

You may need the services of a temporomandibular joint or TMJ specialist in New Orleans if you have jaw pain that your medical doctor can’t diagnose. Treatment for TMJ has come a long way, and your New Orleans orthodontic team at Comfort Smiles Dentistry has availed themselves of the latest technologies to help you achieve pain-free, aesthetically pleasing oral health.

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